Follow the Guide: a new Tutorial Series

Follow The Guide

Follow the Guide is a series of tutorials focused on the game Kerbal Space Program. Its primary ambition lies in utilizing all available media: text provides detail and comprehensiveness, images illustrate specific points, GIFs introduce motion… However, there is one format that reigns supreme in learning: video. The latter brings chronology, pace, and voice, making it a very comprehensive and popular means of communication.

Some format examples:

Docking begins with a rendezvous maneuver that allows the modules to align their respective orbits and come to a relative velocity of zero, enabling them to patiently align their docking ports through a series of precise rotations and translations.

That’s why each tutorial comes with its dedicated video, making the key elements visually accessible, with the aim of complementarity. However, it’s still essential to allow these videos to be as self-sufficient as possible for those not inclined toward reading. The chosen format for these videos is moderately long, presenting all the crucial steps without being as detailed as the written document. For those who are more dedicated, using all available media remains the best way to grasp all the nuances! This comprehensive video is regularly embedded within the tutorial as a timed integration, allowing the reader to see the relevant parts in motion.

Regarding the structure, the division of the documents follows the stages of discovery and mastery in KSP, alternating between the two main categories: Design and Maneuvers. The primary goal of this alternation is to provide the basics of all topics before delving deeper into advanced tutorials. It also enables players to explore all aspects of KSP and improve their knowledge in a balanced and progressive manner, one building block at a time.

Furthermore, the desire to maintain two levels of reading leads to the use of tags like “For more information.” This allows you to expand these spoilers to learn more about a specific aspect, revealing tips, advice, or even popularization strategies to fully master sometimes complex mechanisms.


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The number of spoilers may vary depending on the topics covered in the guide,
and they can contain a wealth of information. Pretty handy, isn’t it? 😊

Lastly, each of these tutorials follows a specific structure, making it easier for the reader to navigate. The first page includes the title, table of contents, a difficulty index, and reading tips. Most of the documents are linked to a downloadable save file, allowing the reader to have the same elements as the author and ensuring the availability of a common context: the rockets presented are well-crafted and functional, the maneuvers are tried and tested, the celestial bodies are in a known configuration, and all parameters are under control. In most cases, the final pages of the documents offer exercises based on the saved game, with the implementation of mini-scenarios designed specifically to apply the elements discussed. These contextualized scenarios, patiently crafted, will be a valuable aid in testing your knowledge and skills. Enjoy them!

All that’s left is to wish you happy reading for the significant series of guides that lies ahead. Please let us know if you like them by sharing them through social networks!

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