• SpaceCon’23 was intense!

    SpaceCon’23 was intense!

    Dear colleagues, partners and friends Let me tell you about this incredible weekend. Because this weekend was SpaceCon’23. The story begins in a unique place, a timeless witness to the waves of elites who pass through its corridors: the École Polytechnique. Our heartfelt thanks go to the school, AstronautiX and its president, Aurélien Genin. We were able to…

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    Join us all weekend for 24 hours of #KSpaceContest organized by @spacecon_io and @KSC_fr! It begins Saturday at 9am CET with the challenge reveal before 24 hours of #KSP. It will be the chance to interview some astronauts 👨‍🚀and a even a Concorde pilot ✈️!! You may find us on our Twitch Channel at 3pm…

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  • Spacecon 2023

    Spacecon 2023

    Kerbal Space Challenge, in partnership with SpaceCon, will be hosting the second edition of the #KSPACECONTEST in September. This LAN-based esports competition on Kerbal Space Program is one-of-a-kind in the world. We will announce the exact date and more details soon, but rest assured, it will be open to everyone, including inexperienced players. So, don’t…

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  • Dresliveroo


    After the Bigger challenge where the heaviest possible payload had to be put into orbit, the Dresliveroo challenge is to send a payload to the planet Dres, more exactly within the limits of a base specially installed there. The payload is imposed, it’s up to you to build the ship that will move it. The…

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  • Summer Space Festival ‘2023

    Summer Space Festival ‘2023

    Last Saturday Kerbal Space Challenge had the chance to be invited to run a stand at the Summer Space Festival in Luxembourg with our friends from SpaceCon. All day long, we were able to share with lots of young space enthusiasts the secret of the mechanics involved in putting a spacecraft in orbit. The practical…

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  • IPSA Toulouse

    IPSA Toulouse


    On 23/03/2023, the Kerbal Space Challenge association (#KSC) had the pleasure of organizing a KSP Workshop at the IPSA premises, an aeronautical and space engineering school in Paris. The workshop was conducted by Guillaume Duchesne and Romain Poirier. The aim was to provide students with a “ready-to-go” introduction to this playful and educational tool, enabling…

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  • KJUICE Mission

    KJUICE Mission

    INSTRUCTIONS Ariane 5 will soon hand over the reins for the Juice mission. So, wouldn’t this be the perfect time for a little challenge? Well congratulations, you have been assigned to manage the KJuice program for the Kerbal National Agency of Kerbin Institute (KNAKI). Search for Signs of Life: It is believed that Laythe, Jool’s…

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  • How’s the KSC association doing at the end of 2021?

    Hey little buddies! It’s been a while since we’ve caught up on the association, its activities, members, goals, and it’s time to do this exercise, while keeping it concise! You know I’m always to the point, right? ^^ We’re nearing the end of 2021, which saw a significant event that we, the staff, had been…

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    We are proud to announce our first IRL event for #KSP 🚀 with @spacecon_io. Join an unprecedented Hackathon: 24 teams, 10 hours, and over €500 in prizes! Thanks to @OMENbyHP_fr, our Tech partner 👍 http://spacecon.io/ksp/ http://discord.gg/TxhnSzezdM

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  • Follow the Guide #1: Key Binding

    Follow the Guide #1: Key Binding

    Before going any further… Make sure you have read the following tutorials: Follow the Guide #0: Discovering KSP. Remember you can translate the subtitles in any language with YouTube. Abstract In this first real tutorial of a long series, we will be discussing keyboard configuration, a necessary step in the life of a budding Kerbal…

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