KJUICE Mission



Ariane 5 will soon hand over the reins for the Juice mission. So, wouldn’t this be the perfect time for a little challenge? Well congratulations, you have been assigned to manage the KJuice program for the Kerbal National Agency of Kerbin Institute (KNAKI).

Search for Signs of Life: It is believed that Laythe, Jool’s moon, has an ocean that could harbor life. A probe could search for signs of life by examining the moon’s surface and sampling its ocean.

Study Geology: Jool’s moons are among the most geologically active bodies in the Kerbol system, with features like active volcanoes and geysers on Vall. A probe could study these features to learn more about moon geology.

KJuice Goal: Understand the Kerbol system. Studying Jool’s moons can help us understand the formation and evolution of the Kerbol system. It is believed that these moons formed from the same disk of gas and dust that formed Jool, so they can provide clues about the conditions of the early solar system.


Place a probe in orbit
of each Jool’s Moon.


Kraken by OLM

Design a system to send generic probes to map the moons of Jool. One probe for each moon, and a relay probe will orbit Jool in a heliosynchronous orbit (a polar orbit is accepted) to maintain constant contact with Kerbin.

This is a short mission, with a budget allocated for only one year. The 6 probes must arrive together or approximately together. The last probe must have left Kerbin’s sphere of influence before the first one arrives in the case of a staggered launch.


1- The launcher(s) must be fully assembled on Kerbin's surface and/or its orbit. You can imagine a massive carrier ship for the simultaneous launch of 6 small rockets.
2- When the first probe is captured by Jool, the last one must have left Kerbin's sphere of influence.
3- Devise a communication strategy to maintain contact with your program.
4- (Bonus) This mission pays homage to Ariane, a bonus will be awarded if the launcher's visual design resembles an Ariane 5.
5- The 6 probes must adhere to KNAKI's specifications:
   > Defined as a probe (use the "Rename Vessel" function in the game).
   > Weighs less than one ton.
   > Not crewed.
   > Has at least one solar panel or an RTG (Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator).
   > Has at least one battery, one antenna, and one sensor.

You must complete this mission with a stock version of KSP 1.12.5 or KSP 2 for the more daring. DLCs and mods, other than graphical mods, are not allowed to maintain fairness among all participants.

Your submission will be disqualified if

- The announced price does not match the price of the provided craft (KSP 1).
- The mass and deltaV values announced do not match the craft's values (KSP 2).
- You do not provide a screenshot with the 6 probes in the Joolian system.
- A crew member is killed during the mission.
- A mod and/or modified parts are used for the expedition.
- The files submitted to the jury are missing, unreadable, or corrupted.
- You refuse to demonstrate your mission to the jury within 2 weeks after being notified.

Submission of Proposals

You can submit your proposal here: https://forms.gle/Ne5ysHuCmrxZ3JBp6

Don’t forget to join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/33XaFRdCEY


To be accepted, your submission must include:

- Your Name
- Your Email
- The name of your program
- The name of your team/organization, fictional or real
- The cost of your program (KSP 1)
- The weight and deltaV of your program (KSP 2)
- Narrate your achievements:
      > A summary of your adventure on a maximum of 5 pages/slides or a video of up to 15 minutes. Exotic formats are accepted. You can propose a different format by email or on the dedicated challenge Discord channel.
      > A view of your launcher(s) on the launch pad.
      > A screenshot of your 6 probes around their respective celestial bodies in the Joolian system from the space center.
      > The .craft (KSP 1) or .json (KSP 2) of your complete spacecraft. This will be tested on the latest stock versions of KSP 1 or 2.

You must provide the above elements in a zip file by email to: contact@kerbalspacechallenge.fr

Keep backups of key moments in your mission: launches, captures, injections, and orbit finalizations. You will need to replay these moments live in case of victory.


In the event of victory, you will be invited to replay your mission in a video conference with the jury before the official announcement of your victory and the review of the various elements constituting your submission. An oral presentation of your design choices and construction methods will also be requested. You must, of course, use the same craft as the one submitted. In case of disqualification, the next best proposal will be audited.


You can find the KSP wiki here: KSP Wiki Link Need clarification on a rule? Contact us on Discord or by email: contact@kerbalspacechallenge.fr

Good Luck & Fly Safe