Summer Space Festival ‘2023

Last Saturday Kerbal Space Challenge had the chance to be invited to run a stand at the Summer Space Festival in Luxembourg with our friends from SpaceCon. All day long, we were able to share with lots of young space enthusiasts the secret of the mechanics involved in putting a spacecraft in orbit.

The practical applications are played on the Kerbal Space Program (KSP) platform. This game is an incredible pedagogical tool to understand many laws of physics, sometimes counter intuitive, to achieve a successful launch of a rocket.
KSP is both playful and realistic and allows future engineers to learn the future tools they will have to manipulate in their future career. Our association has made a specialty of teaching it in high schools.

When the influence at the booth was calmer (i.e. not often!) we were even able to push our young prodigies to perform a moon landing. It looks complicated, but it’s only an earth orbit that we extend a little further.

The success of this space seduction operation would not have been possible without HP Omen, which lent us 4 machines out of the ordinary and ensured a logistics with the cord.

Configuration of OMEN 45 L
CPU : Ryzen 9 7900X
GPU : RTX 4070ti
RAM : 32 GB

With such engines, the young and greedy KSP2 could run smoothly with all sliders pushed up. Private Division, publisher of KSP, overwhelmed us with goodies for the event. Each little spaceman was able to leave with his sticker sheet!

Thanks to Ruben Di Battista, Stéphane Hodebert and Romain Poirier for a perfect animation of the booth !

Thanks to the SSF and Antoine Bocquier for the organization of such an event. I think we were at 5.000 people on the 2 days. These are so many European actors who meet to build our future in the stars.

Meet KSC and SpaceCon in Paris in September for the SpaceCon’23!