How’s the KSC association doing at the end of 2021?

Hey little buddies!

It’s been a while since we’ve caught up on the association, its activities, members, goals, and it’s time to do this exercise, while keeping it concise! You know I’m always to the point, right? ^^

We’re nearing the end of 2021, which saw a significant event that we, the staff, had been anticipating since the creation of the association: an in-person KSP event, the KSPACECONTEST! And it was even better than we had imagined, recalling that… 4 wonderful and long years ago! Of course, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, whether you were participants, spectators, or followers, and we’re keen to do it again this year and in the future 😉

On the community activities front, initiatives are in full swing, particularly with the BDA tournament resuming its 3rd season and set to regain momentum. Then there’s Emilien‘s challenge on optimizing a launcher based on a 10-ton payload and several scoring criteria. Simultaneously, the team has reintroduced its traditional KSP Advent Calendar on our exchange platforms, with maximum participation! Of course, you might be asking, “What about KSC5? And KSC6?” And you have every right to. As previously discussed on Discord, the delay in publishing these lies on me. We’re uncertain about when and how the results might be released, but likely not in the usual article format. We have a shared work file, 70% complete, which seems like a more feasible sharing method. We’re considering the best way to finalize and present it. Our apologies, MY apologies.

And since we’re on the subject of staff, a seamless transition, let’s officially welcome Harpercix and BsamohT to the team! Many of you have known the former for a long time within the community, and later as a Discord moderator. Both were standout participants at the KSPACECONTEST, proving their quality! They join the staff to contribute their support and ideas to push further but also reinforce our achievements, which they experienced as community members. An annual general meeting took place, as it does every year, to formally induct them into the association’s register. It also served as a chance to reshuffle roles, with Guillaume as president, Yann as secretary, Stéphane as treasurer, and Thomas, Oscar, and Aurélien on the association board. Can you match the first names with their pseudonyms? 😛

I’d like to personally note, while I have this platform, that I won’t be fulfilling all the presidential duties as they were in previous years. It’s been an honor and joy, but I now have a little daughter. I’ve promised my family to dedicate less time to KSC to cherish these early precious years. After all, with the support of the staff, nurturing the association since its inception has been like raising a “baby”, and I believe we’ve done a commendable job. I’m proud of my dedication to fostering the community and am delighted to have orchestrated the KSPACECONTEST alongside all of you, just days before my daughter’s birth. Achieving this event was an initial goal, even mentioned verbatim on our “About Us” page since the site’s inception! It’s a wonderful event to cap off my term as president and now adopt the title of honorary president. Fear not, the staff have adeptly taken over my duties and are proving even more efficient and creative 😀 I remain on the team and am available to help whenever possible. However, there’s a mutual understanding that I’ll be dedicating significantly less time than before, that’s essentially the only change 🙂

I think that covers everything! Don’t forget to follow us on social media, like Twitter, Discord, and Twitch, so you won’t miss out on any of our activities!


The KSC team

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