Kartemis Challenge

3 kerbals on the moon with a black cubic monolith behind


All eyes are turned towards Artemis; we couldn’t let this event pass without a little challenge. You are at the helm of the Kartemis program..

KSC old logo
A modified version of the NASA Artemis logo with a K in front of it
Kerbal Space Program logo

This program aims for the return of Kerbonauts to the Mun. It’s only the first step of a much more ambitious program, that of the first Kerbal on Duna. But let’s be honest for 2 minutes, aside from quenching the thirst for adventure and pushing the horizon of conquests for the entire Kerbal society, there are hardly any financial returns to such a program.


Visitez l’un des 3 Munolithes avec 3 Kerbals sur la Mune puis rentrez sur Kerbin

The president, Kerman, the driving force behind the program, is also facing popularity issues. The program cannot justify extravagant expenses.

However, Khina and its programs continue to astonish other agencies with the speed at which they push the boundaries between them and the silver orb that lights our nights and reduces our sorrows with its mere mention. So, speed is a crucial factor.

You must reach one of the 3 Munoliths of the Mun with 3 Kerbonauts. Here are their coordinates:

9° 49′ 53″ S / 25° 55′ 3″ E
57° 39′ 36″ N / 9° 8′ 32″ E
82° 12′ 22″ S / 102° 55′ 43″ E

A Munolith
A Munolith

You must leave the Mun’s sphere of influence in a single spacecraft. The crew must safely return to Kerbin within command modules or living quarters. Kerbonauts need space for the long journeys.

You can reconfigure your spacecraft as long as the components are launched in a single launch. No Gateway is available for refueling your spacecraft, as it has not been invented yet.

There are two challenges. The program with the lowest mass wins. Another prize is awarded for the most economical program. If the lightest program is also the most economical, the second most economical program will win the prize. In case of a tie, the crew that returned the fastest will take the prize.

You must complete this mission with a stock version of KSP 1.12.3. DLCs and mods, other than graphical mods, are not allowed to maintain fairness among all participants.

  • The announced mass does not match the mass of the provided craft.
  • The announced cost does not match the cost of the provided craft.
  • You do not provide screenshots with 3 Kerbals + 1 Munolith.
  • Your landers are uninhabited.
  • Any crew member is killed during the mission.
  • An ill crew member does not adhere to their quarantine period.
  • A mod and/or modified parts are used for the expedition.
  • The files submitted to the jury are missing, unreadable, or corrupted.
  • You refuse to demonstrate your mission to the jury within 2 weeks after being notified.

Submission details

Submit your proposal here: https://forms.gle/rkv8iKKXQSdfYRrM8
Join our Discord server: https://discord.com/invite/KrwPMzMDAS

You must provide the following information via the Google Form:

  • Your Name
  • Your Email
  • The name of your program
  • The name of your team/organization, whether fictional or real
  • The mass and total Δv of your spacecraft before launch
  • The cost of your spacecraft
  • The date of return to Kerbin
  • (Bonus) Up to 5,000 characters to share your exploits during your adventure

Additionally, send the following elements in a zip file via email to contact@kerbalspacechallenge.fr:

  • A screenshot of your 3 Kerbals and your Lander and/or Rover in the presence of a Munolith
  • A screenshot of your crew on the return journey to Kerbin
  • A screenshot of your crew safe and sound on Kerbin in EVA
  • The .craft file of your complete spacecraft. It will be tested on the latest stock version of KSP.


In case of victory, you will be invited to replay your mission during a video conference with the jury before the official proclamation of your victory and the verification of various elements in your dossier. An oral presentation of your design choices and construction methods will also be required. You must, of course, use the same craft as the one submitted. In case of disqualification, the next best proposal will be audited.


You can find the KSP wiki here: KSP Wiki
Need clarification on a rule? Contact us on Discord or via email: contact@kerbalspacechallenge.fr

Good luck & Fly Safe

Community Contribution

The challenge is closed, but nothing prevents you from trying it again at home.

For those wishing to review community contributions, several videos are available.