First Juno Challenge

Juno Origins

Hello! You couldn’t have missed the release of Juno : New Origins.

KSC is an association promoting space exploration, especially through space exploration games, and Juno checks all the boxes. But what is Juno, you ask? Well, it’s a procedural space exploration game (both in terms of engines and tanks) that offers some additional features. Honestly, give it a try at least! For the occasion, Jundroo has graciously provided 5 keys, thanks to them!

Let’s talk about the challenge! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to circumnavigate Droo (the Earth over there) as quickly as possible.

Of course, this circumnavigation must be done at the equator level. Otherwise, there are no further restrictions. Do you want to build an airplane? A rocket? A race car? The last suggestion might not be the best, but do whatever you fancy!

Start by downloading the custom career

Then place it in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Jundroo\SimpleRockets 2\Career. Afterward, create a new career game by selecting KSC. Finally, accept the contract, and you’re good to go !

To submit, send a screenshot of the completion through the form. If you send multiple screenshots, the last one will be considered. You have until February 24th to participate!

This new game in the community comes with new channels in our Discord! Come visit or ask your questions!