Banner of a woman in a spacesuit in front of a landscape on an icy planet

Our Mission

The KSC association has set its main objective to promote science and space exploration through the use of digital tools, especially among young people. Why? Because we firmly believe that curiosity, questioning, and understanding the universe in which we live are essential drivers of intellectual growth and personal development.

In a constantly evolving world where digital technology plays a significant role, it is our responsibility to leverage modern tools. It is with this perspective that we have chosen to incorporate games as a means of learning and immersion. Well-designed and educational, these games have the power to make complex concepts accessible, interesting, and engaging, allowing the practical application of theoretical notions shared beforehand.

Our vision extends beyond merely promoting science and space. We want to encourage the younger generation to consider a career in these fields. Opportunities abound, and it is crucial to emphasize that these fields, far from being reserved for a specific gender, are open to both girls and boys. No gender barrier, no social background should hinder a passion or vocation!

To materialize this vision, we have initiated a multi-level awareness program:

School Outreach

It is crucial to engage with young individuals in their everyday environment. Our interventions aim to shed light on the crucial role of space in our daily lives, whether it be in terms of communication, meteorology, navigation, and more, while also introducing students to the fundamental principles of space mechanics. We want to demonstrate that space is not just a dream but a tangible reality that influences our daily lives.

Challenges for the KSP Community

The Kerbal Space Program (KSP) community is renowned for its passion and enthusiasm for space. By organizing regular challenges, we aim to fuel the creativity within this community. The idea is to encourage them to design original and intriguing space missions, and even to reimagine and recreate certain historical space expeditions within the game.

Annual Hackathon

In partnership with, we organize each year a hackathon where participants are invited to develop a space mission within a limited timeframe. A panel of industry professionals then evaluates these missions. This type of event promotes team collaboration, innovation, and provides participants with tangible feedback on their ideas. In conclusion, our association strives to build bridges between the general public, enthusiasts, and space industry professionals. We firmly believe that awareness, education, and encouragement are key steps in ensuring that space exploration continues to captivate, inspire, and provide opportunities for all, regardless of their gender.

In conclusion, our association endeavors to bridge the gap between the general public, space enthusiasts, and professionals in the space industry. We are convinced that raising awareness, providing education, and offering encouragement are pivotal steps in ensuring that space exploration continues to captivate, inspire, and provide opportunities for everyone, regardless of their gender or social background.