• A unique satellite: Aeolus

    A unique satellite: Aeolus

    The measurement of winds is an essential element of our daily lives. Whether it’s predicting the weather, determining where to place wind farms, constructing airports, or knowing when to evacuate populations during cyclones, understanding winds and having a monitoring system for them is crucial. It is for this purpose that Aeolus was created, the first…

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  • Parker Solar Probe: a Mission to Touch the Sun

    Parker Solar Probe: a Mission to Touch the Sun

    On Sunday, August 12, 2018, an extraordinary mission took place: the launch of the Parker Solar Probe. This probe embarked on a journey into interplanetary space, but its destination is not another planet. No, it’s not aiming for a circular orbit to observe our star from afar. Instead, the Parker Solar Probe is set to…

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