• Spacecon 2023

    Spacecon 2023

    Kerbal Space Challenge, in partnership with SpaceCon, will be hosting the second edition of the #KSPACECONTEST in September. This LAN-based esports competition on Kerbal Space Program is one-of-a-kind in the world. We will announce the exact date and more details soon, but rest assured, it will be open to everyone, including inexperienced players. So, don’t…

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  • Summer Space Festival ‘2023

    Summer Space Festival ‘2023

    Last Saturday Kerbal Space Challenge had the chance to be invited to run a stand at the Summer Space Festival in Luxembourg with our friends from SpaceCon. All day long, we were able to share with lots of young space enthusiasts the secret of the mechanics involved in putting a spacecraft in orbit. The practical…

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  • First Juno Challenge

    First Juno Challenge


    KSC is an association promoting space exploration, especially through space exploration games, and Juno checks all the boxes. But what is Juno, you ask?

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    We are proud to announce our first IRL event for #KSP 🚀 with @spacecon_io. Join an unprecedented Hackathon: 24 teams, 10 hours, and over €500 in prizes! Thanks to @OMENbyHP_fr, our Tech partner 👍 http://spacecon.io/ksp/ http://discord.gg/TxhnSzezdM

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