• SpaceCon’23 was intense!

    SpaceCon’23 was intense!

    Dear colleagues, partners and friends Let me tell you about this incredible weekend. Because this weekend was SpaceCon’23. The story begins in a unique place, a timeless witness to the waves of elites who pass through its corridors: the École Polytechnique. Our heartfelt thanks go to the school, AstronautiX and its president, Aurélien Genin. We were able to…

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  • IPSA Toulouse

    IPSA Toulouse


    On 23/03/2023, the Kerbal Space Challenge association (#KSC) had the pleasure of organizing a KSP Workshop at the IPSA premises, an aeronautical and space engineering school in Paris. The workshop was conducted by Guillaume Duchesne and Romain Poirier. The aim was to provide students with a “ready-to-go” introduction to this playful and educational tool, enabling…

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  • KJUICE Mission

    KJUICE Mission

    INSTRUCTIONS Ariane 5 will soon hand over the reins for the Juice mission. So, wouldn’t this be the perfect time for a little challenge? Well congratulations, you have been assigned to manage the KJuice program for the Kerbal National Agency of Kerbin Institute (KNAKI). Search for Signs of Life: It is believed that Laythe, Jool’s…

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