Follow the Guide #1: Key Binding

Before going any further… Make sure you have read the following tutorials: Follow the Guide #0: Discovering KSP.

Remember you can translate the subtitles in any language with YouTube.


In this first real tutorial of a long series, we will be discussing keyboard configuration, a necessary step in the life of a budding Kerbal to master its phases. Nothing too complicated, the game is well-designed in this regard! Naturally, we’re not dealing with the most exciting document here, and it will be particularly lacking in visuals… No matter how hard we try, a menu interface is never very sexy! A neat and clean file will even be provided to make things even simpler, but it’s still important to go through this document in its entirety to understand the layout of the keys and their significance. It’s also an opportunity to read the translation of each item, which you won’t find everywhere! 😉

Reading advice

  1. Take the time to go through the entire guide once, calmly, without the game. If a section seems complicated, it’s likely to be detailed and explained later 😉
  2. Use the download files provided.
  3. Don’t hesitate to revisit a tutorial you thought you had mastered: you might rediscover important information!
  4. Feel free to ask all your questions in the comments, making sure to be sufficiently specific.
  5. Save frequently while running an InGame tutorial. Use the Alt+F5 and Alt+F9 tools to name and easily retrieve them. Tutorials frequently offer important save points, but you can create more!
  6. Try the exercises at the end of the tutorial: by downloading a saved game, you have the opportunity to try out various specific scenarios, allowing you to improve and/or identify your difficulties. This especially helps you ask questions about specific points that are causing problems without having to specify the rocket you used, the location, and the circumstances 😉
  7. Discover on the last page some mods directly related to the elements presented in this tutorial, but be careful: they sometimes introduce changes in gameplay!

Download section

As in most of our tutorials, you will find an archive filled with KSP documents, typically containing a save file that includes crafts and scenarios for you to practice and test, including exercises at the end of each chapter. Just a reminder, you need to unzip this archive, and then you simply need to copy and paste the “KSC – TutorialName” folder alongside your other save files. It’s advisable to have a clean installation of KSP without mods to make the most of our tutorials. This way, you can neatly organize your saves there! For more information on managing save folders and creating a clean KSP installation, we redirect you to these two links; it’s very simple and quick 😉

In this tutorial, there are few elements, and for good reason: we’re going to share the famous Settings file, as described in the rest of the document!


Enjoy the game!

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